Mimì is right in front of Mimmo and is our trattoria. You can immediately tell from the checked tablecloths. White and red that bring back to the trattorias of the past.

At Mimì you can taste the typical dishes of our land. Simple and tasty dishes, prepared following traditional recipes. But also the salami and the many cheeses of the Orobic valleys, honey and local wines, such as the yellow muscat from Bergamo.

We are always there, from the late morning until dinner time. And with the summer we also open our historic courtyard where you breathe an unmistakable air of the 50s.

Mimì is also our shop of taste, a house of flavors created to taste at home all our specialties and the many culinary excellence of Bergamo.

Contacts and Reservations

Via B. Colleoni 26
24129 Città Alta — Bergamo
T +39.035.236 263